Imam Mahdi And The Tidings Of Ghayb.pdf

Imam Mahdi And The Tidings Of Ghayb PDF

مؤلف: حسن نصر الله

يتضمن هذا الكتاب سلسلة من المحاضرات الفكرية الهامة، التي ألقاها الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصر الله خلال ليالي عاشوراء لعام 1436 هـ، وقد تناول فيها قضية الإمام المهدي (عج) وأخبار الغيب بدقة وعمق.

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Imam Mahdi And The Tidings Of Ghayb.pdf


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ملاحظات حالية

Mohammed Ali

Hadith of Jesus Praying Behind Mahdi (Persian: حدیث نماز خواندن عیسی به امامت مهدی‎) refers to a collection of hadith related to the prophecy that Jesus will follow Mahdi's lead in salat (prayer) after he descends. These are tidings of the unknown (ghayb) which We reveal to you. You were not with them [Joseph's brother] So "ghayb" stands for things that the person cannot know or, even when they are brought to their knowledge, they cannot be totally certain of, because they cannot check and verify them directly.

Mattio Chairman

Imam Mahdi And The Tidings Of Ghayb. أبو معشر الفلكي الكبير للرجال والنساء ويليه دانيال النبي ... The traditions suggest that the victory of the Mahdi's revolution will not simply be the result of God's endorsement and endowment of some hidden power to the Imam. It is not expected to succeed without manifest forces like a miracle that brings to fruition its program of reform and revival; victory does not depend on the ordinary course of events.

Noe Ahmad

Awaiting the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as) is one of the duties of Imam Mahdi (as). But this “waiting” is not that a person sits idle and “waits.” Rather this period of Ghaybat is a time for the Shiahs to act and to perform such deeds which prepares him for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi […]

Jason Arial

Imam Mahdi dan Nabi Isa (Masih Mau'ud) adalah sosok yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh umat Islam di akhir zaman, untuk memenangkan dan membangkitkan kembali Islam. Muslim yang percaya kepada Imam Mahdi dan Al-Masih Yang Dijanjikan, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as. big Imam Ali.

Syed Mohammed

6) We have come to you on the 23rd of January 2015, and we have given you the glad tidings of the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as) on the same day of the death of King Abdullah, and therefore the narration has been fulfilled by us, all praises belong to Allah, and the one who has given us the glad tidings is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).