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مؤلف: Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli


Teachers need to consider the age of their students in order to teach them effectively, especially younger children. Classroom management is one of the biggest struggles for teachers who work with young learners. You need to be consistent, but you shouldn't spend the day interrupting the lesson to...

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Mohammed Ali

The aural English teaching method is an approach best used for younger students, as it most closely relates to the way they’ve been used to learning language. It’s also great for students whose first language is of a writing system dissimilar to English, such as Mandarin or Arabic. The main methodologies are listed below in the chronological order of their development: Grammar Translation – the classical method Direct Method – discovering the importance of speaking Audio-lingualism – the first modern methodology Humanistic Approaches – a range of holistic methods applied to

Mattio Chairman

Teaching materials and ideas for English teachers. When you're trying to find some useful materials to use for an impending lesson you don't want to spend hours looking around for what you want. Our teacher resources section was created specifically for busy teachers and contains a filterable...

Noe Ahmad

1. Methods of Teaching English By: - Shri. Khodave Dnyaneshwar M.A. (Eng), M. Ed., Shardabai Pawar College of Education For Women, Shardanagar 5. Direct Method  English is directly taught in the class room  No use of mother tongue in the class room by the teacher  Natural method... English language teaching has undergone. tremendous changes over the years, especially the last ten years. ideologies of teaching of English such as the ineffective methodologies, unsuitable. materials, and integration of contextualized teaching, over emphasis on multi language.

Jason Arial

You can even use this method for teaching preschoolers. Just make sure you keep it simple enough to capture their limited attention span. History teachers can use a storyboard to recreate a famous event. Such visually stimulating activity will ensure that even complex ideas are easily put across to... Methods and approaches in ELTwere mainly developed by English speaking countries according to their need for communication. The PPP paradigm represents the strong version and one of the most popular ways of teaching English worldwide. It is learner-centred and aims at developing...

Syed Mohammed

In the information age traditional teaching methods are always improving. Innovative learning is a new and effective method but is it better? Nevertheless, we may also hear some supporting arguments. So, what arguments seem to be stronger - about traditional or innovative methods of teaching? Relate the main current methods of language teaching to their underlying assumptions and to instructional choices. The Diploma in Education (TESL) is for teachers interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages in B.C. schools (if candidates already possess a valid B.C...